Oh my god, I do not even know who owns Xenogears anymore. ...That's a lie, Square-Enix owns Xenogears. Whether they want it or not. Xenosaga is owned by Monolith, which I believe these days is owned by Nintendo, or Bandai, somebody, so that's a little more complicated. Well, it doesn't really matter, as this hopefully falls pretty solidly under Fair Use.

More to the point! Most of the character art used on this site is from Perfect Works, which I obtained scans of through this lovely person. I'm using Sheamon's game script archived on GameFAQs, and I got all of the screenshots from the youtube playthrough by Surturius. I tried really hard not to steal any of his commentary, though much of it was better than mine. I did however shamelessly steal jokes from my long-time cohorts Whitney, Ashlea, and another Whitney.

A word on hotlinking the character portraits here for your message board avatars: please don't. Don't get me wrong: the art is certainly not mine, and you are welcome to take them if you want them, but do take the extra step of actually taking them and not just img src-ing to the images here. I have had this problem in the past, and all that will come of it is that I will block image linking from your board.

I have no issue with any other sort of linking here, though. Please do! I would be delighted.